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[Selling ] Portable and high frequency veterinary x-ray machine
Description Applications: animal hospital, equestrian club, animal quarantine, animal and veterinary, animal laboratory

Main specifications and parameters:
Max. photograph tube voltage: 90kV/22mA
Max. photograph tube current: 50mA

Max. Output: 2.0kW
Exposal time: 0.01s - 4.0s
MAS scope: 0.5mAs - 160mAs with 46 alternations
Voltage scope: 40~90kV KV with 26 alternations
Main frequency: 30kHz
Max. light field: 鈮35CMX35CM @65CM SID
Min. light field: 鈮5CMX5CM @100CM SID
Focus size: 2.3mm
Power: 220V 卤 10% single phase alternating current with the frequency of 50Hz 卤 1Hz
Resistance: 鈮 1.0 惟
Power capability: 鈮 2.5kVA
Electricity protection type: Class I, Type B Weight: 18.6kg
Category Medicines, Hospital & Health Products
Posted on 2017-7-13
Valid to 2017-8-20
Company Information
Name Beijing Longsafe Imaging Technology Co.,Ltd
Country China
Address No16,Guanghua Road, Tongzhou Industrial Development,Beijing China.
Contact Jenny Du
Tel Sorry, Tel is only open to WIN Members.
Fax Sorry, Fax is only open to WIN Members.
Website http://www.longsafe.net
Contact Sorry, Email is only open to WIN Members.

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