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[Buying ] Ginger juice cake
Description Guangdong province Foshan Junyu Mingdian Foods Co., Ltd. - Ginger juice cake: guangdong food culture is one of the traditional cantonese pastry, 40 flower in the last century 50's of the pearl river delta region of southern family often eat a snack, with the development of economy, now few young people would do. It with fresh ginger, sugar, starch and so on as raw materials, processing is made and be become. With temperature lung cough. Cold detoxification. Dietotherapy effect such as refreshing, is a palate soft slippery and at the same time a certain dietotherapy effect of green.
Category Foodstuffs & Tea
Posted on 2014-3-20
Valid to 2014-9-12
Company Information
Name Foshan Junyu Mingdian Foods Co., Ltd.
Country China
Address Honggang Industrial Park, Daliang Sub-district, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong,China
Contact carrie Chen
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Website http://www.junyufood.com.cn
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